Hands-on, practical learning to gain independence

The unique curriculum of a Montessori Elementary classroom exposes children to a world of learning. The Montessori Elementary Program is divided into two planes of development. Each plane is based on a three-year cycle, the second being dependent on what is learned and accomplished in the first.
In these multi-age classrooms, students are better prepare for the “real world” as they interact and experience a larger range of learning opportunities. Within this scientifically based curriculum, subjects like math, geometry, geography, and history naturally merge and deepen, creating a truly personalized education limited only by the extent of a child’s imagination.

Lower Elementary

In the Lower Elementary (1st-3rd grade) classroom, movement and hands-on learning allow children to continue to explore the Montessori curriculum at their own pace. The Great Lessons presented each year establish the framework for the integrated study of subjects in science and cultural studies, including botany, zoology, geography, and history. Mathematical concepts continue to be taught concretely allowing the students to visualize the lessons. As the students understanding develops, they move with confidence to finding solutions on paper or even in their heads. Work plans and mindfulness meetings allow students to balance academic, social, and emotional growth in the classroom while supporting the growth and development of the whole child.

Upper Elementary

In the Upper Elementary (4th-6th grade) classroom, students are given the level of independence they need to pursue more abstract learning. Students learn to monitor their learning/progress and accept accountability for competition. The Montessori Upper Elementary curriculum focuses on core subjects such as mathematics and language skills, as well as what are referred to as the cultural subjects: history, science, and geography. Regular exploration happens in our Outdoor Classroom where students participate in all levels of our farm-to-table program, planting, caring, and harvesting a large variety of products.

Students educated in this type of environment have consistently proven themselves to be leaders, innovators, explorers, and creators.

School year (August-May)

Additional Programs Offered

French Lessons

Following a program developed in Canada called AMI, elementary children receive French class three times a week, a part of their curriculum requirements. Once our students leave sixth grade, they have a solid understanding of the grammatical structure of the French language and are able to read, write, and speak French.

Farm-to-Table Gardening

The elementary student plays a big part in our farm-to-table program. By learning about organic farming, preparing the soil for planting, planting, and harvesting the yield, students learn hands-on about permaculture principles.

Enrichment Programs

Weekly enrichment classes in music, physical education, art, and peace education classes are part of both elementary level curriculum studies.

Before and After Care

Before Care is available 7:45-8:20 a.m. Aftercare is available 3:25-5:30 p.m. A majority of the time for after school care is spent outside when weather permits. General play.

Summer Camps

Camps are run Monday-Thursday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Past camps have been cooking camp, sewing camp, nature awareness camp, etc. Each year varies depending on interest and staffing.

After School Programs

To further enhance your child’s education, a variety of after school programs are offered, including Chess Club, Robotics, Speech Club, or Dance. Class times and fees vary pending interest and staffing.

What parents are saying about MCR

“After suggesting my daughter go back to bed due to restless sleep and go into school late, she replied, ‘But I’d miss work time!!!’ How she loves MCR. What a dream come true — to have a child love learning so much.“

“A mere thank you is not enough to express all that your wonderful school means and does for our children. We are so grateful that our children's formative years are steeped and nourished in the MCR soil! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.“

“From the moment we set foot inside the building 8 years ago, we knew it was the right place for our family. MCR is a magical place, we are so grateful for such a wonderful preschool experience for our girls. We will continue to sing MCR's praises to everyone who will listen!“