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Support the Montessori Children’s Room Mission

Friends of Montessori Children’s Room is a seperate 501(c)3 organization set up in 2014 to support the school. Friends of MCR’s mission is to provide scholarships to families, additional teacher education, and assistance to enhance the classrooms inside and out.

Please consider donating to Friends of MCR for a fully tax deductible donation. With the help of this nonprofit, we hope to make a Montessori education accessible to all families who believe in its philosophy.

What parents are saying about MCR

“This is my 5th year as an MCR parent, and I am still SO impressed by the creativity, beauty, joy, and calm you surround these children with! I am honored to work alongside both of you and so grateful that my children have the opportunity to learn from you.“

“After suggesting my daughter go back to bed due to restless sleep and go into school late, she replied, ‘But I’d miss work time!!!’ How she loves MCR. What a dream come true — to have a child love learning so much.“

“A mere thank you is not enough to express all that your wonderful school means and does for our children. We are so grateful that our children's formative years are steeped and nourished in the MCR soil! Thank you, thank you, thank you.“

“From the moment we set foot inside the building 8 years ago, we knew it was the right place for our family. MCR is a magical place, we are so grateful for such a wonderful preschool experience for our girls. We will continue to sing MCR's praises to everyone who will listen!“